Experts in Trade and Private Sector Policy and Development

Project Activity in 1997


  Title Country Funding Source Start Date End Date
Export Market Development to Rubber Products Manufacturers Sri Lanka Commonwealth Secretariat 1997 1998
Study on the Impact of an ACP/European Union Free Trade Agreement on Mauritius Mauritius Government of Mauritius 1997 1997
Technical Assistance for the Government of Tonga Regarding WTO Accession Tonga Commonwealth Secretariat 1997 1997
Seminars and Workshops on European Union Anti-Dumping and Trade Instruments Pakistan European Commission 1997 1997
Study on the Impact of the European Union/South Africa Free Trade Agreement on Malawi and the Competitiveness of Key Malawian Industries Malawi European Commission 1997 1997
User’s Guide to the Trade, Export, and Private Sector Development Provisions of the Lomé Convention ACP European Commission 1997
Study on the Role of Women in International Trade in Zimbabwe and the Preparation of a Practical Guide to Exporting Zimbabwe Commonwealth Secretariat 1996 1997


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