Experts in Trade and Private Sector Policy and Development

Project Activity in 1995


  Title Country Funding Source Start Date End Date
Preparation of GPA Negotiation Briefs for the EU on Public Procurement Market Opportunities and Obstacles in the following sectors: airports, electricity, oil and gas, ports, railways, telecommunications, urban transport, water and sewage and roads and mining. Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. European Commission 1995 1996
Evaluation of the Phare Multi-Country Trade Development Programme and Recommendations for Future Implementation Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary European Commission 1995 1996
Multi-Country Trade Development Workshop in Slovakia for Representatives from all Central and Eastern European Countries Slovakia European Commission 1995 1995
Evaluation Of An SME Development Project Tanzania European Commission 1995 1995
The South African Market For British Defence Equipment South Africa DTI (UK) 1995 1995
Anti-dumping Investigation on the production and Pricing of Fabricated Steel Sections In The UK And Germany UK, Germany Private Client (US) 1995
Competitor Analysis For A Major British Energy Consultancy UK Private Client (UK) 1995 1995
Identification Of Contacts Regarding Energy And Environmental Services South Africa Private Client (UK) 1995 1995
Support to Participation in International Trade Fairs of selected ACP States Ghana, Dominica, Ethiopia, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia European Commission 1994 1995
Analysis Of The Brazilian Market  And Preparation Of A Market Entry Strategy For A Manufacturer Of Point To Point Radio Telephones Brazil Private Client (France) 1994 1995
Research And Organisation Of A Contact Promotion Mission To Finland For Mauritian Manufacturers Mauritius European Commission 1994 1995


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