Experts in Trade and Private Sector Policy and Development

Project Activity in 1994


  Title Country Funding Source Start Date End Date
Support to Participation in International Trade Fairs of selected ACP States Ghana, Dominica, Ethiopia, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia European Commission 1994 1995
Analysis Of The Brazilian Market  And Preparation Of A Market Entry Strategy For A Manufacturer Of Point To Point Radio Telephones Brazil Private Client (France) 1994 1995
Research And Organisation Of A Contact Promotion Mission To Finland For Mauritian Manufacturers Mauritius European Commission 1994 1995
Development of a Environmental Management Project UK Local Government 1994 1994
Study Of The Competitiveness Of ACP Fresh And Processed Fish Products Cote d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Mauritania, Senegal, Seychelles European Commission 1994 1994
Evaluation Of The Trade Impact Upon ACP States Of EU Enlargement To Include Austria, Finland, Norway And Sweden ACP ACP Secretariat 1994
Seminars On The Single European Market Pakistan European Commission 1994 1994
Private Sector And Trade Development In ACP States ACP European Commission 1994 1994
Policy Review And Strategy For Pakistan Institute Of Foreign Trade Pakistan Commonwealth Secretariat 1994 1994
Design of a Trade Development Project For Botswana Botswana European Commission 1994 1994
Anti-dumping Investigation on the production and Pricing of Sodium Sulfanilate in the UK UK Private Client (US) 1994 1994
Anti-dumping Investigation on the production and Pricing of Table Wine In France, Germany And Spain Exported To Mexico Mexico Private Client (US) 1994 1994
South Asian Market For Bicycle Tyre Tubes, Bicycle Tyres And Car Tyre Inner Tubes Korea Private Client (US) 1994 1994
Research Into Taiwanese Production Of Pushchairs, Baby Walkers And Strollers Taiwan Private Client (US) 1994 1994
Advice Regarding EC Quotas On Toy Imports From China China Private Client (UK) 1994 1994
Competitor Analysis Of the Taiwanese Telecommunications Sector Taiwan Private Client (UK) 1994 1994
Investigation Of Internationally Financed Bio-Mass And Refuse-Derived Fuel Projects In China China Private Client (UK) 1994 1994
The Market For Herbal Medicines And Alternative Remedies In South East Asia Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore Private Client (UK) 1994 1994
Preparation Of A Business Development Strategy For A Major British Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer In Africa, Eastern Europe And The CIS Africa, Eastern Europe And The CIS Private Client (UK) 1994 1994
Presentation On Understanding Western Business Culture Russia Private Client (UK) 1994 1994
Evaluation Of The Trade Provisions Of The Lomé Convention And Their Effects On EC-ACP Trade ACP European Commission 1993 1994 
Export Planning Service For 20 Small And Medium Sized Enterprises UK Local Government 1993 1994
Preparation Of A Guide To Exporting To The Single European Market From Commonwealth Countries Developing Countries Commonwealth Secretariat 1993 1994
Review of the Trade Provisions of Lome IV and advice to the EU on Lome Ivb ACP European Commission 1993 1994 
Support to The Caribbean Case for Protection under the Single European Market for Bananas including development of a trade model Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St Kitts and Dominica Caribbean Banana Exporters Association 1991 1994


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