Experts in Trade and Private Sector Policy and Development

Project Activity 1980-1983


  Title Country Funding Source Start Date End Date
Identification Of ACP Trade Issues For Negotiations  for Lomé III ACP ACP Secretariat  1983  1983
Preparation Of A Negotiating Strategy  for  Lomé III Negotiations  Zimbabwe Ministry Of Finance, Economic Planning And Development  1983  1983
Feasibility Study For Light Industrial And Recreational Development In Abuja  Nigeria Federal Capital Development Authority (Nigeria)  1983  1983
A Survey Of Cotton Production And Spinning Capacity In Africa  Africa Private Client (Switzerland)  1982  1983
Global Market Survey Of The International Market For Oil Seed Processing Developing Countries Private Client (UK) 1982 1983
Evaluation Of Export Promotion Training Developing Countries Overseas Development Administration (UK) 1982
Study Of The Impact Upon African, Caribbean And Pacific States Of The Accession Of  Spain And Portugal To The EEC ACP ACP Secretariat 1982 1982
Study Of The Commercial Viability Of Manufacturing Sterile Fluids In Nigeria Nigeria Private Client  (Ireland) 1982  1982
Pre-Feasibility Study Regarding The Manufacturing Of Lamination Of Artificial Leather To Poor Quality Hides Africa Private Client (UK) 1982  1982
Support to the ACP Secretariat during negotiations for Lome II ACP ACP Secretariat 1980  1981


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